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Drone Video Monitoring in Union City, CA

Aerial Drone Video Monitoring in Union City, CA

GeoKinetics utilizes small, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) or "drones" to acquire aerial images and hi-definition videos for use in geotechnical and environmental engineering evaluations and investigative studies. Our drone video monitoring in Union City, CA, is ideal for projects under construction, aerial reconnaissance, and photogrammetry, which can be used to document and monitor site conditions throughout the duration of a project.

Reliable Aerial Solutions

Aerial photogrammetry is utilized to create useful data and exhibits such as 3D models, orthomosaics, topography, and complex point-clouds; which provides you with accurate and effective project information. All geotechnical engineering operations are conducted by an FAA-licensed remote pilot in compliance with all Part 107 regulations. Our drone video monitoring platforms are designed to comply with all safety regulations, both federally and locally. Make us your first choice when aerial reconnaissance is necessary for your project.