Full-Service Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

GeoKinetics is a Full-Service environmental and geotechnical firm that offers environmental engineering, for businesses throughout the nation. By investigating subsurface conditions and materials, we can assess risks posed by site conditions, design and structure foundations, and monitor site conditions throughout the construction process. We also provide drone video monitoring solutions to help monitor and record sites.

Geotechnical Engineering

One of the most complex stages of an environmental engineering build is the subsurface exploration. Our diverse team of experts has experience evaluating and planning various subsurface conditions. You can be sure we’ve seen it all before and know exactly how to handle any situation. With the right analysis, your foundation will be stronger and your build will run smoother. We are dedicated to uncovering issues before they cause disruptions to your site. We offer the following geotechnical engineering services:

• Subsurface Exploration & Site Evaluation
• Geotechnical Engineering Analyses & Design

• Slope Stability Analysis & Monitoring Programs

• Soil & Foundation Failure Investigations
• Lab Testing

Environmental Engineering

There are thousands of environmental engineering regulations that our clients must abide by when building and maintaining their sites. Our familiarity with environmental regulations is unmatched. Rules change from state to state and from region to region. Avoid penalties and repercussions by trusting in our expertise. We offer the following environmental engineering services:

• Environmental Regulatory Compliance Issues
• Storm Water Inspections & Monitoring

• Soil Science Services (i.e., Soil Suitability Studies)

• Design & Engineering
• Plan Review


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