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Landslide Repairs in Union City, CA

Commercial & Residential Landslide Repairs in Union City, CA

The cornerstone of our company is our construction services and landslide repairs in Union City, CA, which will put you at ease while we develop your site. We handle all types and sizes of construction projects, and we take the time to build a plan that you are not only comfortable with, but confident in. Additionally, you can trust us for effective soil testing and geotechnical engineering services. From landslide repairs and retaining walls to testing and drone video monitoring, we provide you with a variety of helpful environmental solutions. Our clients have ranged from residential to commercial, but you can be assured that we will handle whatever project you present to us, including:

• Field Instrumentation & Performance Monitoring
• Landslide Repairs
• Retaining Walls & Abutments
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
• Supply & Maintenance of Fixed and Portable Gas Detection Systems